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    The Gateway School of Shamanism

    Dedicated to supporting individuals and communities through ancient energy medicine practices.

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Shamanic Healing

Feeling depressed? Haunted by past emotional traumas? Plagued by chronic illness or a weak immune system? Shamanic energy sessions may help.

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The Gateway School

The Gateway School of Shamanism is a pathway to personal healing in a new era! Join a growing community of people who are ready to participate in individual and collective evolution.

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The Mentoring Program

Developed to support serious individuals in a personal quest for meaning in life and the growing of the soul’s guidance and realization of our highest possibilities.

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  • Thank you for the most wonderful, and life changing journey I could not and would not have experienced without you. The on going process is amazing. So much is just foaming over the top and evaporating.
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We offer personal shamanic healings, classes, & sacred ceremonies.